L2 & 3 Music and Music Technology - Full Year

An individualised course for students wanting to follow the Creative Arts pathway

Course Overview

Term Outline:

Term 1 - Introductions and Music Technology
This will allow us to start looking at developing your music theory skills when writing and inputting music into music software.

Term 2 - Composition
Continuing your knowledge we will look at various types of composition and how it is put together. This will include analysis of music and the creating of your own. We will also look at arranging music for different types of ensembles and look at the intricacies of different musical instruments.

Term 3 - Performance
We will be focusing on your performances. You will be expected to record your practice of your pieces so that we can look at them during the class to look at performance technique, musicality and presentation. 

Term 4 - External Preperation
This final term we will be focusing on the external and making sure that you all feel comfortable with what will come up in the exams. This will include key recognigtion, harmony analysis, transpoistion, transcription, classical notation, tablature notation and musical elements.
(term 4 will also give us time to tidy up and missing standards)

The Teacher

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Phil Biddlecombe

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Philip Biddlecombe is a percussionist, a director, a composer & a teacher. Currently the Head of Arts at Hurunui College and recently have been the musical director of Hurunui College's Addams Family, Shrek and Rock of Ages. He plays percussion, drum kit and piano and has played in countless amateur shows from Les Miserables to Sweet Charity. He has played in many brass bands as both a conductor for the Beverley Brass Band and a percussionist playing with Leopard Coachline Canterbury Brass Band, Wellington Brass Band in the Championship section and others. He has been a member of the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra, played with the Leeds Symphony Orchestra and also with the Chichester Philharmonic Orchestra's performance of The Armed Man. He has performed at the Royal Albert Hall for the Schools Proms performing with the Hampshire County Youth Band, and toured in Germany as well as northern Spain stopping at the Heineken 40th Jazzaldia festival in San Sebastian. He has had extensive experience with many ensembles and wants to pass this on to students so that they too can experience the diversity of music.

Course Details

Outcomes will be developed around the individual Music interest of each learner

Students must have the confidence to perform their instrument/sing on stage if attempting performance standards. It would be beneficial if the student has had itinerant training on their instrument for at least 3 years but this is not essential depending
Google Meets, flat.io, Studio One and Ableton
School Year
30 Jan 2023
20 Nov 2023

NCEA Level 1, NCEA Level 2, NCEA Level 3
Standard No * Standard title credit value internal/external
32300 v1 Demonstrate and apply introductory knowledge of MIDI sequencing 2 Internal
32301 v1 Demonstrate and apply introductory knowledge of a music notation application 2 Internal
91092 v3 Compose two original pieces of music 6 Internal
91090 v3 Perform two pieces of music as a featured soloist 6 Internal
91094 v3 Demonstrate knowledge of conventions used in music scores 4 External
32302 v1 Apply knowledge of MIDI sequencing 3 Internal
32303 v1 Apply knowledge of a music notation application 3 Internal
91271 v2 Compose two substantial pieces of music 6 Internal
91270 v2 Perform two substantial pieces of music as a featured soloist 6 Internal
91273 v2 Devise an instrumentation for an ensemble 4 Internal
91276 v3 Demonstrate knowledge of conventions in a range of music scores 4 External
32304 v1 Operate a music sequencing application 4 Internal
32305 v1 Operate a music notation application 4 Internal
91419 v2 Communicate musical intention by composing three original pieces of music 8 Internal
91849 v1 Compose three original songs that express imaginative thinking 8 Internal
91424 v2 Create two arrangements for an ensemble 4 Internal
91416 v2 Perform two programmes of music as a featured soloist 8 Internal
91421 v3 Demonstrate understanding of harmonic and tonal conventions in a range of music scores 4 External

Students would need access to the following software options for music technology, instrumentation/arranging, and possibly composition: 1. A digital audio workstation - we will be using Reaper, which is free 2. Musescore (cloud-based and free) Students can usually use these on their own laptops but will need something more powerful than a Chromebook. Desktop computers in a school are usually ok. Students must be able to access support for downloading and getting this software set up.

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2 - 16

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Hurunui College
Hurunui College

Level (NCEA)

Yes - L1, L2, L3

Course Dates

30 Jan 2023

till 20 Nov 2023


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